The Guptill family crest

Not the Guptill crest

Not the Guptill crest

If you go to a shopping mall you might find a shop that sells “family crests”. Well, there is no such thing and they are not “coats of arms”. Note that in British heraldry, a crest is presented to a specific individual. All and sundry people bearing the same name are not entitled to a copy of it – only the original recipient and their direct descendants may do so.

Why is there a fox in these Guptill crests? When one is not sure, something is better than nothing. Here is my theory: Somewhere out there is a book about the origins of surnames, and this book is used by these shopping mall entrepreneurs. They do not know that the name Guptill was invented from Gubtail, so they find these ancient Scottish individuals whose names resemble Guptill or they say that the name derives from the French word “goupil”, which means “fox”. Some Canadian Guptills have family legends about French origins, and this might be the explanation.

Here is an example of the mumbo jumbo that purports to explain the origin of “Guptill”.

A search for a Gubtail crest is more likely to produce relevant results.

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