England, Wales or Scotland?

Thomas (born 1675) and Nathaniel (born 1685) Gubtail (and some say two more brothers whose names are lost) arrived in Portsmouth, NH. Some say they came from Wales*; one says they came from the Isle of Man, which is off the coast of Wales. Rev. Sinnett’s genealogy says they came from England; some family crests show a thistle, denoting Scotland. The name Gubtail has not been located in modern Great Britain so far.

The 1871 census of Grand Manan Island, NB, describes all Guptills as being English in origin. Take your pick.

I was in touch with Ann Cooke (Guptill) who moved to South Wales a few years ago. She wrote that she was going to investigate some Guptail gravestones in Three Crosses, about five miles from Swansea, but haven’t heard any updates from her.

*Early Families of Gouldsboro, Maine by Muriel Sampson Johnson:”Nathaniel Gubtail was born in Wales…” (via Kerry Kosky)


Scott Guptill January 13, 2013 at 1:56 pm

I’m the great grandson of Richard Guptill (died 1963, age 94?)who’s claim to fame was winning the Grand American trapshooting competion in 1904. I believe that he was one of 7 brothers and was born in Illinois. I have some great pictures of him and his partners as they were market hunters and trappers.

I’m somewhat curious to know more about where they came from originally. Any ideas?

Ash August 3, 2013 at 8:54 pm

Ancestry has a Richard D. Guptill who died 12 Jun 1964 – Kandiyohi County and was born 25 Feb 1870. Father born in Vermont.

No Richard Guptill listed there who died in 1963. If you go to Facebook – What’s a Guptill, you will find it easier to ask a few other Guptills. https://www.facebook.com/groups/2245600103/

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